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Ethically influence your kid's capacity for joy, meaning, and connection with these three key projects.

Ethically influence your kid's capacity for joy, meaning, and connection with these three key projects.

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the live workshop experience happens july 27!

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The Ethical & Influential Parent: Course and Coffee Dates

The framework to ethically influence your kid's self-story about who they are and how they show up in the world.  Join me in live training and implementation sessions.

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Power Your Parenting with P.R.A.I.S.E. Listening

A framework to build lasting trust with your kid. In this 8-episode audio training and companion workbook, parent coach and biobehavioral health specialist Alex Fern Gilkeson shares his methods to make your kid feel deeply understood so you find meaningful connection. 


Parent Coaching

I use my custom blend of Functional Nutrition, Emergent Strategy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Positive Psychology to bring you a path forward that has you feeling more optimistic than ever about your child's future. Let's chat.


Public Speaking

I'm available to give tailored keynote presentations in private (organization/corporate) and public settings. Please inquire to discuss the needs for your group and event and to learn more about my talk themes.

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You know you're doing your best

You no longer worry that there are some pieces to raising a kid that you're missing. You know what you need to be aware of to do this parenting thing well.


They're no longer anxious when it's time to transition from one activity to the next. They communicate their desires and actually listen when you tell them what's going to happen.

You get to see their truest self

Your kid isn't acting out for attention or obedient to a fault because you show up in the ways they need. Now they can grow in the ways that will make them happy, short term and long term.

“Alex and I worked side-by-side as behavioral therapists for nearly 10 years. His approach to both individual clients and families is gentle, sincere, educated, and thoughtful. He contains an infinite supply of patience and compassion required to help clients meet their individual goals and needs.” 


"I worked with Alex as a behaviorist and social skills group facilitator. I found him to be deeply kind and endlessly patient with a strong understanding of how children think and feel. Alex seamlessly speaks the language of children."

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